How Quick Shower Towelettes Save You 3 Hours Per Week!

How Quick Shower Towelettes Save Time On Your Fitness Goals!

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More and more, people all over the world want to stay in shape. You see even more people doing some fairly extreme workout routines such as CrossFit, where you will most definitely work up a mighty sweat. Of course, working up a mighty sweat comes along with the problem of getting rid of any evidence and going on about your day. That is where our Shower on the Go Bathing Wipes (our bold line of quick shower towelettes) come into play.

Here is a mathematical breakdown of how we could make this argument for using Bathing Wipes free up 3 hours of living three hours off your fitness routine. because, let’s face it most of us don’t like going to the gym. We do it out of obligation.

  •  If you are a serious gym fanatic and go to the gym six days a week and take one day off: You’ll spend at least 10 minutes packing your gym bag and then another 20 minutes in the shower room in drying off after your workout. Then throw in some intangible factors such as going out to buy toiletries is going to add in a few minutes here and there. So if you are going to the gym six days a week, and spending 30 minutes a day on personal hygiene and you can cut your shower time to five minutes a day — you are right there at almost saving three hours per week.
  • If you are a more common type of person who tries to shame in shape you make it to the gym from 3 to 5 days a week, at a minimum you would be making it to the gym two days a week otherwise it’s not even really worth the price of your membership. This means if you are an average gym user you are now knocking anywhere between one and a half and two hours in your fitness time.

Using our quick shower towelettes are a shower in a bag — all you need to do is take out the towelette, wipe down the sweat, put on your street clothes on and you can go right back to your day.

Two hours a week may not sound like a lot, but imagine all of the great things you could be doing in that two hours rather than hanging around in the locker: Going out and having dinner and drinks with your friends, spending time with your family, and you might even have a little bit of time to sit down on the couch to just relax and watch TV after you spent so much time at the gym all week.

Have a great weekend,


How to Stay Motivated During Your Winter Workouts

Admit it-in the winter it’s a lot easier to make up an excuse to not work out than to just tough it out, but you have to stay motivated for winter exercise. However, exercise is a great way to avoid many of the symptoms that keep you from working out in the first place. When we exercise our heart pumps faster, helping us to heat up and sweat which flushes outour system and increase our body’s natural cold and flu killing cells. Just walking outside for an hour helps to chase away the winter blues; even if itlooks cloudy the tiniest bit of sunlight will improve your mood. Additionally, exercise will help you release stress from the pressures of holiday season.


So do your body a favor, and get back to your winter workout! Not sure where to start? Read these tips to learn how to stay motivated during your workouts

this winter:


1.Challenge yourself: Sit down and create an exercise plan based on what you hope to achieve (weight loss, muscle mass increase, endurance) and the time frame you wish to see the results (this winter season, in a year, next month) and start working on achieving your goals! If you
have a hard time keeping your promises to yourself, tell a friend or post your goals on social media for additional support and advice.


2. Join an amateur sports league or running club: If gyms aren’t your thing, but you don’t want to work out alone, consider joining a group of like-minded people. You can look for these groups on Facebook, Twitter, Meetups, the local newspaper, or even by asking your coworkers and family members. Playing indoor soccer or running with a group to go get coffee will take the work out of your exercise routine while still benefiting from staying active.


3. Dress like you mean business: Wearing your old bleached sweatpants from high school to the gym may not be such a great idea. When we look better, we feel better and that motivation extends to our exercise. Better gym clothing isn’t just to look and feel more attractive indoors, it’s especially important to dress appropriately when working out outdoors to avoid getting sick, frostbitten, or worse. Wear wool socks, invest in layers that wick away sweat while keeping your body warm, and a hat that will stay in place.


While you are attaining you’re fitness goals, don’t forget to reward yourself for your hard work. Whether it’s buying the latest season of your favorite show to watch while you run on the treadmill or buying that caramel- marshmallow- peppermint- hot chocolate you’ve been craving all year-go for it, you deserve it.


As always, be sure to use gym wipes to prevent touching germs left by the last person on the treadmill or your old iPod you’ve found in the attic that would be the perfect music player while running.