Why Surface Disinfecting Wipes Are a Must at the Gym

The Seven Most Germ Filled Places at Your Gym: And How Surface Sanitizing Wipes Can Help You Avoid Them

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Like many your Americans, you made a New Years resolution “get in shape this year”. To do that you probably even got a gym membership. Public gyms are wrought with bacteria and easily transmitted diseases such as NIAID’s Influenza, SARS, Related Viral Respiratory Diseases that you would never expect to encounter. We highly suggest you get some disinfectant antibacterial wipes and wipe down the gym equipment just before using it and after ( for yourself and as a courtesy)

  1. Dumbbells and other free weights – Equipment handled with your hands harbors the greatest amount of infections from a common cold to influenza to gastrointestinal infections. The best way to avoid getting sick is to use surface sanitizing wipes before touching any equipment.
  2. Ellipticals and other cardio equipment – Cardio equipment there’s also some of the most vile and germ infested areas of the genome. You have to think that several people before you have had their hands on them and were sweating from anywhere for 20 minutes to an hour. Do not use your hands get the sweat off your face, either! This gives the germs and easy path to your right into your system.
  1. Shower rooms and locker room floors – These are harbingers of the second most disease that people pick up in the gym: common Athlete’s a Foot. Athletes foot is a fungus that multiplies and damp areas such as the floors in the locker room. When you go to work out make sure to bring along a pair of sandals to avoid coming in contact with this nasty fungus.
  1. Gym and Yoga mats – If you’re working on your Pilates. Can often be fraught with ringworm. Before clearing your mind with the nice yoga make sure to clear the mat with a good disinfecting surface wipe for the gym.
  1. Shared towels – Shared towels are among the most dangerous being a harbinger of MRSA or methicillin-resistant staphylococcus which is an ugly and severe skin infection. You can avoid this by bringing your own clean towel to the gym, or if you have to use a public one make sure  ait hasn’t been used.  a a a a Make sure to keep only an hour after you work out. Cuts or scrapes well-covered (MRSA invades through wounds).
  2. The water fountain – The water fountain has long been the most germ laden area in the fitness center, but that should go without saying. We recommend bringing your own bottled of water to hydrate.
  3. Your gym bag – Your gym bag is loaded with pathogens and bacteria from all your sweat. It is a good idea to take your workout clothes and place them in a plastic bag to avoid contaminating the inside of your gym bag.

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog about how surface sanitizing wipes can keep you from getting sick or worse while you are trying to get in shape. Keep checking back at our blog for more info on how you can stay healthy and illness free at the gym.


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Happy Tuesday and we hope you have a wonderful rest of your week,


How to Keep Your Child Safe from School Germs


School is out for the holidays, but once your children are back they will be once again exposed to hundreds of their classmates’ germs. Here’s how to keep those germs out of your home and out of your child’s system:



1.Wipe down common surfaces:

Disinfectant wipes can prevent the spread of viruses, bacteria, and fungi, so be sure to have plenty of wipes for the first day back to school after the
winter holiday. If your child is old enough, remind them to wipe down their lockers, desks, pencil cases, and other common surfaces where germs could lurk.If they’re too young, bring them to school a little earlier and help them wipe down the surfaces they’re most likely to touch every day.

2.Wash everything:

From book bags, lunch bags, tennis shoes, and sport uniforms there’s likely to be an item your child brings to school with them every day that has not been cleaned in a while. Gather all of these items and throw them in the washer to wash down those troublesome germs before they can make your child sick.

3. Hand to Mouth:

Water bottles and plastic lunch boxes are just a couple of places germs like to make home, but don’t let them. Items that we touch often have germs on them that we transfer to our bodies by touching our faces. Your child’s first line of defense from germs is to remember to not touch their face after touching something that is not sanitized, and to use warm soap and water to wash their hands if they must touch their face, mouth, and eye area. At home, make a nightly habit of washing water bottles, Tupperware, dishes, etc. that go to school with your children. First rinse dishes with water, then wash them with dish soap, following a final wash with bleach. The bleach solution should be 2 tablespoons of bleach for every gallon of water.



Hand washing is the best way for your child to avoid getting sick and it’s also the simplest. Layer this protection by using disinfectant wipes like Wipes.com’s single roll wipes disinfectant wipes that can be easily stored in a locker or bookbag to be used by your student whenever they need them. Consider donating a roll of wipes to your student’s teachers, so they can keep the classroom’s surfaces further sterilized.