Advertising your facility….a tip….

As we head into the weekend, wanted to share a tips for gym owners/managers out there…

We’ve been involved in the fitness industry for many years and of course speak with 1000’s of owners all the time.  Advertising is a must-have line item on your budget…but did you know one method to lower your bill and increase your visitors?

Hand delivering flyers in neighborhoods!  Far more cost effective than .30 cent mailers and if a flyer is stuck in a storm door….the home owner will have to a least look at it to even toss it out!

Print up a few thousand from any number of online print companies….then print out local maps…..highlight 4-6 blocks……hire help from craigslist……and away you go!  Of course you’ll need to spot check the routes are being delivered…..but usually has a great ROI!

and of course…as your membership grows, don’t forget to reorder your antibacterial gym wipes !

PS…Check your local city permit rules!

“On The Go” Bathing Wipes” | Naya Rivera’s White People Showering Comments

During a recent appearance on “The View” Latina actress Naya Rivera, who is probably best known for her appearances in Glee, made some controversial comments regarding Caucasians spending too much time in the shower. Here is an actual clip from her recent appearance on “The View” from Youtube.


While the press may have got hold of the wrong end of the stick and some overly sensitive white people got offended (interpreting her statements as being “racist”) — this controversy could have been easily avoided if Ms. Rivera were aware of one of our most popular products: The “Shower-On-The-Go Show Wipes” Gym and Fitness Wipes. These gym wipes are designed for the types of men and women who can’t live without a daily work out, but don’t always have an extra 30 minutes to hang around the locker room to shower head to toe.

While there is some scientific research that shows taking showers, especially long showers will dry out your skin, which can be a contributing factor to premature aging. Another side of the scientific community has made it clear that failing to shower, especially for extended periods of time, can give rise dangerous bacteria creating other infections which are infinitely more dangerous. These problems can’t be thwarted by skin cream!


Because of the dual convenience and vanity features of these handy gym wipes, some of our customers have
ordered the items in bulk because they realized that we shouldn’t need to take three showers per day (an expensive past-time, especially for customers living with tiered utility rates such as Los Angeles).


You can save water, save time and maybe even save money. I think you can see where I am going with this…