Why Surface Disinfecting Wipes Are a Must at the Gym

The Seven Most Germ Filled Places at Your Gym: And How Surface Sanitizing Wipes Can Help You Avoid Them

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Like many your Americans, you made a New Years resolution “get in shape this year”. To do that you probably even got a gym membership. Public gyms are wrought with bacteria and easily transmitted diseases such as NIAID’s Influenza, SARS, Related Viral Respiratory Diseases that you would never expect to encounter. We highly suggest you get some disinfectant antibacterial wipes and wipe down the gym equipment just before using it and after ( for yourself and as a courtesy)

  1. Dumbbells and other free weights – Equipment handled with your hands harbors the greatest amount of infections from a common cold to influenza to gastrointestinal infections. The best way to avoid getting sick is to use surface sanitizing wipes before touching any equipment.
  2. Ellipticals and other cardio equipment – Cardio equipment there’s also some of the most vile and germ infested areas of the genome. You have to think that several people before you have had their hands on them and were sweating from anywhere for 20 minutes to an hour. Do not use your hands get the sweat off your face, either! This gives the germs and easy path to your right into your system.
  1. Shower rooms and locker room floors – These are harbingers of the second most disease that people pick up in the gym: common Athlete’s a Foot. Athletes foot is a fungus that multiplies and damp areas such as the floors in the locker room. When you go to work out make sure to bring along a pair of sandals to avoid coming in contact with this nasty fungus.
  1. Gym and Yoga mats – If you’re working on your Pilates. Can often be fraught with ringworm. Before clearing your mind with the nice yoga make sure to clear the mat with a good disinfecting surface wipe for the gym.
  1. Shared towels – Shared towels are among the most dangerous being a harbinger of MRSA or methicillin-resistant staphylococcus which is an ugly and severe skin infection. You can avoid this by bringing your own clean towel to the gym, or if you have to use a public one make sure  ait hasn’t been used.  a a a a Make sure to keep only an hour after you work out. Cuts or scrapes well-covered (MRSA invades through wounds).
  2. The water fountain – The water fountain has long been the most germ laden area in the fitness center, but that should go without saying. We recommend bringing your own bottled of water to hydrate.
  3. Your gym bag – Your gym bag is loaded with pathogens and bacteria from all your sweat. It is a good idea to take your workout clothes and place them in a plastic bag to avoid contaminating the inside of your gym bag.

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog about how surface sanitizing wipes can keep you from getting sick or worse while you are trying to get in shape. Keep checking back at our blog for more info on how you can stay healthy and illness free at the gym.


Keep a Sanitary Environment with Gym Equipment Wipes

Disinfecting WipesThe fact of the matter is people sweat when they work out. No matter how hard you try, some of that sweat will end up on the gym equipment you use, making it less sanitary for the next person to use it. While some people wipe off the equipment with their towel to leave it somewhat clean for the next person, fitness center wipes can be a better alternative to keeping the gym sanitary for everyone.


One of the biggest concerns with choosing gym equipment wipes is whether they are safe for the materials. Most equipment is made from metal and plastic. In general, most antibacterial wipes will be safe for these surfaces, but it is essential to choose one that has been proven effective without damaging metals or plastic. Failure to choose the right wipes can cause you to replace equipment prematurely.

Kills Bacteria

While the biggest turn off to using gym equipment after the last person is the fear of touching someone else’s sweat, it isn’t the major concern. Fitness center wipes should contain fluids that are designed to kill bacteria. All bodily fluids,
including sweat, are likely to carry this bacteria, which can lead to illness in others. When you wipe down the equipment with antibacterial wipes before you use it, you will be protecting yourself from potential illness.

Keep It Clean

Fit Wipes - Disinfecting Wipes
Clean gym equipment has a tendency to last much longer than the equipment that isn’t well cared for. The use of gym equipment wipes will ensure that your equipment is kept as clean as possible so it is ready to use for the next person. If a gym has to constantly replace their equipment because it isn’t kept clean, it will cost more for individuals to possess a gym membership. This will cause a decrease in memberships and cost the gym even more money.


Supplying fitness center wipes at your gym can be one of the best ways to keep your patrons safe and protect your equipment as well. Gym equipment gets dirty fast because of the amount of sweat users produce when they exercise. For this reason, keeping a good supply of antibacterial wipes that are safe for the equipment you have on hand will promote cleanliness and give your fitness center a good name, brining patrons back to exercise again.